A bathtub serves one very important purpose: It helps you get clean at the start or end of your day, depending on your preference. And whether your bathtub is made of porcelain or a plastic-based material, your bathtub can be a clean and comfortable fixture that acts as a centerpiece of your bathroom. However, bathtubs do not last forever.If you decide to try it out there is stuff you need to know. At a point, you may need to start shopping for a fitting tub and then hire plumbing services in fitting a bathtub.

How do you know when fitting a bathtub may be on the horizon for you? The signs go well beyond a ring of soap scum. There are actually 3 very important and clear signs that a tub needs to be in fitting a bathtub as soon as possible and a newer, better model needs to go in its place. It is important for the protection of your family and your property that you know the following signs.


Start with the obvious one: If your bathtub looks old and worn, you should probably replace it. How could you possibly feel clean if you are bathing in a dirty tub? That's as counterproductive as trying to wash dishes with dirty rags. Of course, bleach and other household cleaners can really take a whack at any soap scum, grime, or fungal matter that is building up in your tub, but these chemicals can only do so much. And besides, there is nothing they can do about deteriorating grout around the tub--usually caused by mold and mildew. Worse yet, no cleaning products can prevent the stains that form due to hard water, or water that is full of minerals that eventually attack your bathtub. Regular cleaning is necessary, but when scrubbing just does not do the job, it is time to replace the tub.


There are 2 reasons why puddles of water may form around your bathtub. First, you may have the shower head aimed too high or at an unusual angle, which causes the water to splatter onto the bathroom floor; or, you may have a leaky bathtub. Believe it or not, bathtubs themselves can leak, even if there is not an obvious gash or hole in it. If even a small crack forms in the basin of your tub or you have leaky pipes underneath it, water can spill onto your floor and even into your walls every time you bathe. Replace this tub before it gets your house in serious trouble.

Not Functional

You can decide for yourself if bathing or showering is your preferred choice for washing up. There are benefits to each. But if you love to relax and bathe, unwinding with some soothing scents and the comfort of warm water, then you should have a comfortable tub. For a tub to be comfortable, it needs to be large enough for your legs to stretch out, wide enough for your shoulders and back to sit normally, and easy to get in and out of. A bathtub that does not meet these standards has no business in your bathroom!

But if you decide that showers are the way to go, a plumber can easily help you replace your tub with a modern, walk-in shower. This is a common bathroom fitting job that the best plumbing services can undertake, switching out an outdated tub with an attractive, state-of-the-art shower.